Jeremy Deller Champions New $48,000 Award for ‘Playful Art’

Deller bouncing on his inflatable Stonehenge work in Glasgow earlier this year. (Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

“We need to see more playfulness in our cities and public spaces,” British artist Jeremy Deller recently told the Culture24 website, sharing his enthusiasm for the new Playable City Award, just launched by Bristol, England’s Watershed arts center. The award will give £30,000 ($48,000) to one artist “who can devise an artwork that embraces openness, playfulness and technology to engage and surprise audiences,” according to the site.

Mr. Deller knows a thing or two about playfulness, for the record. For one work, he had people restage the Battle of Orgreave, a notorious fight between striking British miners and police in that city in 1984. For another (on the more lighthearted end of the playful spectrum), he created a fully functioning replica of a snack bar from Lancashire, England, in a gallery.

The winning artwork will go on view in Bristol in 2013.