Kickstarter To Open In The U.K. Without Any Help From Amazon

London's calling Mom and Dad to back its art film.

 Kickstarter To Open In The U.K. Without Any Help From AmazonKickstarter announced today that the U.K. version of its crowdfunding platform would launch on Wednesday, October 31st. A very spooky day for a launch–or perhaps it’s just an excuse to dress up like the king and queen of England? Starting today, starving film students and wacky designers who live overseas can start registering their projects and get them approved, so that they can be ready to launch on the 31st.

To go along with the international expansion, the site also just added a streamlined international shipping option for both US and UK projects. The update makes it clear to international backers when the creator is asking for more money to cover the cost of international shipping.

The most notable thing about the new website is the fact that U.K. backers will not submit their payments through Amazon, as is customary on the U.S. site. All pledges will be processed securely through a third-party payments processor similar to Amazon, so it won’t have any real effect on processing fees or commissions.

This of course begs the question, will Kickstarter ever bite the bullet already and spend some of the $119 million it raised in its third year to create a payment center of its own? Perhaps they can launch a Kickstarter campaign to develop it.