Moderator Makes Controversial ‘Creepshots’ Subreddit Private After Receiving Anonymous Threats

"Just don't take creepy pictures anymore."

screen shot 2012 10 10 at 2 31 57 pm Moderator Makes Controversial Creepshots Subreddit Private After Receiving Anonymous Threats

(Photo: Reddit)

If appealing to one’s sense of decency and morality doesn’t produce the results you were hoping for, what’s the next possible route for netizens seething over the unbearably gross subreddit r/creepshots? Threaten the moderators with a healthy doxing, of course.

The Daily Dot reports that moderators from r/creepshots, a subreddit where users can post NSFW photos of women taken without their knowledge or consent, have made the subreddit private after the aptly-named moderator CreeperComforts began receiving threats from an anonymous source. The group of anonymous users said that they would publish the personal information of CreeperComforts unless he took down the site.

According to a screengrab posted to Reddit and obtained by the Daily Dot, the anonymous user wrote:

“Please don’t go to the trouble of of denying your identity. We have archived a great deal of evidence to confirm it.

Today you have a choice between two options.

Option 1

*Shut down r/creepshots. *Unmod all the other moderators. *Delete every submission. *Delete your own creepshots from Imgur. *Leave only one post up: a public apology to the women of Toronto and to women in general for what you’ve been doing. The apology should acknowledge that r/creepshots is a vile subreddit because it normalizes perverted behavior. *After a day or so, make this account moderator. Make the subreddit private. Remove yourself and delete the CreeperComforts account. *Never post creepy pictures online again. *Just don’t take creepy pictures anymore….

Clean up your mess, change your behavior, and move on with your life.”

r/Creepshots has courted its share of controversy recently. Last month, a substitute teacher was fired after it was found that he had published images of his students to the site. Redditors from other parts of the site like “Shit Reddit Says” have also gathered to foment an uprising against the controversial subreddit.

The anonymous group that threatened CreeperComforts demanded that he take down the entire subreddit. As Betabeat is not a subscriber to r/creepshots, we cannot independently verify whether he completely followed the anonymous group’s suggestions to delete the content before making it private, or if he just took it private. As a lady and also a human being, we kind of hope it was the former.


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