Morning Links: Robert Morris Edition

Morris’s ‘Artforum’ ad from 1974.

Want to rent rather than buy art (from Gowanus)? Check out Artsicle! (Warning: some art may be from Gowanus). [NYT]

“Paintbrushes at dawn as mega-galleries sprout in Paris” [Reuters]

The Rotterdam museum heist may be related to a cocaine bust. [ArtDaily]

Ever wonder what the employees wear at the American Museum of Natural History? No? Well you’re gonna learn anyway. [WSJ]

Lance Esplund reviews Ai Weiwei’s Hirshhorn show in Washington, D.C. [Bloomberg]

The Orlando Museum of Art has a new director and CEO. [ArtDaily]

From the Artforum archives: a classic Robert Morris essay. [Artforum]

Morning Links: Robert Morris Edition