Morning Read: ‘My Political Adviser, Who Prefers to Remain Anonymous’

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On November 6th, Voters in Rockland County can vote for candidates like GOP Rep. Nan Hayworth, Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney and…Rory Lancman? The Queens assemblyman was nominated for the judgeship in order to remove him from the Working Families Party’s ballot line after he was defeated in a congressional primary earlier this year.

We’ll have a lot more quarterly fundraising numbers for you later in the day, but here’s what the two contested New York City congressional races look like right now:

Assemblywoman Grace Meng, who beat Mr. Lancman, raised more than a half million dollars in the last three months, an impressive sum in a very Democratic-leaning district, while her GOP opponent, Councilman Dan Halloranraised about a tenth of that. But, as he only raised pennies in previous filings, that’s a relatively solid total for Mr. Halloran.

Rep. Michael Grimm‘s filing didn’t show any new legal bills, but he raised noticeably less than previous quarters. His Democratic opponent, Mark Murphy, actually raised more than him, but with a total that’s still unlikely to be a game changer. As a side note, Mr. Grimm, who still has a significant cash on-hand advantage, transferred over $140,000 to the National Republican Campaign Committee.

Attorney Ken Thompson officially announced his campaign against Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes.

Oy vey. State Senate long-shot Mindy Meyer is back, and despite her campaign being in debt and not even being on the GOP Party line, she trotted out a massive elephant for a fundraising event for 15 people:

The elephant had a — what else? — pink ribbon tied around it and was there to “represent the Republican Party’’ that Meyer so loves, she said….

Next, Meyer thanked “my political adviser, who prefers to remain anonymous.’’

Later, Meyer hinted that if the politician thing doesn’t work out for her, there’s always show biz.

Morning Read: ‘My Political Adviser, Who Prefers to Remain Anonymous’