Morning Read: ‘The Choir Is on Fire!’


Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, will be speaking tonight in Park Slope. He will “discuss the US-Israeli relationship, followed by substantial Q&A” at Congregation Beth Elohim.

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live contained a fun skit on the vice presidential debate, but it also featured former High Times editor Richard Stratton‘s potential gubernatorial bid. Quote host Seth Meyers, “2014, that’s like the future, man.”

With the recount, things still look grim for District Leader Lincoln Restler‘s reelection chances, but there’s some potential legal dances to groove to, should Mr. Restler desire. Proving election fraud isn’t an easy thing to do, however. Just ask Councilman Lew Fidler.

After Democratic congressional hopeful Mark Murphy refused sit-down interviews with this publication and WNYC, it appears his campaign relented for The New York Times. Here’s four particularly painful paragraphs of the result:

But he is still finding his way in a new role: asked what led him to seek national office, Mr. Murphy struggled for a minute or so to find the right phrasing.

“It was something that came to me when people started coming to me and said, ‘Mark, something needs to be done about this guy, something needs to be done. Will you do it?’ ” he said, after some hesitation. “And I said, well, you know, I’m flattered, thank you — I’ll, I’ll think about it. And then one day, somebody said, you know —”

Here Mr. Murphy paused for a full six seconds. Two campaign aides, seated beside their candidate, stared at him, unblinking.

“I guess it was, uh, it was in January,” he continued. “Somebody said to me, we really need your help because they’re going to get to a point of, um, of, of it being election time again. And I said, ‘You know, I’ll take this challenge.’ ”

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani endorsed Russ Gallo to replace Brooklyn Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz last night. “Right now, the State Assembly lacks the leadership and the will to do what must be done to get our state functioning properly. Russell Gallo is a born leader,” Mr. Giuliani said in a statement. “Russell has the courage to stand up to the dysfunction in Albany and serve his community with the same honor and dignity he has shown throughout his entire life.”

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is still pestering Council Speaker Christine Quinn over that paid sick leave thing. On Sunday, Mr. de Blasio gave another speech to a Bed-Stuy church on the issue. To open his remarks, the public advocate joked, “As a public servant it would only be my obligation to report a situation like this, because I would have to call the fire department, because the choir is on fire! But maybe it’s not necessary to call the fire department because of the cool, smooth stylings of the band.”

Morning Read: ‘The Choir Is on Fire!’