Booting Up: Disobey Amazon and Say Goodbye to Your Ebooks

Busted. (Photo:

Bad news, everyone: Researchers are claiming the smart-but-neglected nerds don’t actually win in the end. It turns out that, in the long run, the more popular kids actually make more money.  No word on how a makeover changes things. [The Atlantic Wire]

A Norwegian woman who somehow angered Amazon found her Kindle account frozen and access to her ebooks blocked, for an unexplained infraction. This serves as a nice reminder that unless you own something IRL, you only kinda own it. [GigaOm]

In what’s likely evidence of testing going on at Twitter HQ, some users are reporting seeing the terms “star” and “like” pop up in the place of “favorite.” [TheNextWeb]

Wal-Mart is investing quite a substantial bit of time, money and effort in its Facebook marketing efforts this holiday season. So don’t fuck up, Zuck. [Wired]

Small businesses, unfortunately, can’t quite count on flying under the radar so as to avoid cybercriminals. [ReadWrite]

Apple is livestreaming today’s press conference, which is likely to be the occasion for the unveiling of the iPad Mini. [TheNextWeb]