Nick Denton Calls Gawker Media ‘The Indestructible Cockroaches of The Media World’

Not the best location for a server.

Gawker Media sites and BuzzFeed went down last night during the worst of the winds and rain, but they are up and running again–although Gawker is in a slightly different format. Both have servers at Datagram–which, incidentally, is in lower Manhattan and was heavily impacted by the storm.

Gawker sites went down around 7 pm last night. Late this morning, Gawker Media started posting on more spare-looking tumblr sites that were set up when the sites failed. Now, Nick Denton just wants to get the word out.

“If we’re the indestructible cockroaches of the media world, now’s the time to show it,” Mr. Denton wrote in an staff email (full text below). 

BuzzFeed also started posting to a tumblr when their site went down last night, but has since rebuilt the site. “BuzzFeed is up and we expect it to remain up,” BuzzFeed Press Manager Ashley McCollum emailed us this evening. “We’re no longer operating off the compromised data center.”

“The shift to social distribution on Tumblr was pretty easy,” Ben Smith told us today. “Organizing a metro desk from scratch was harder.”
Mr. Denton’s full email to Gawker writers:

We’re back up on Tumblr. But need to advertise the fact that we’re still functioning. (Servers notwithstanding.).

Here’s how you can do your bit. Go to our sites’ Facebook and Twitter feeds and share the best stories you find with your own friends and

It’s important not only to keep going — but also to make a public show of that resilience. And what better way than to draw attention to our ability to pull ourselves together under any circumstance short of the apocalypse.

If we’re the indestructible cockroaches of the media world, now’s the time to show it.