Nick Denton’s Website is a Big Fan of Nick Denton’s Boyfriend’s Play

Gawker media’s sci-fi blog, i09, calls  the new off-off-Broadway play The Future “a smart domestic drama about the perils of living forever.” And we are sure the glowing 1,114 word review has nothing to do with the fact that Gawker Media mogul Nick Denton’s boyfriend plays one of the lead roles. This coincidence is not noted in the lengthy piece.

“A new stage play called The Future, imported from Britain to New York, deals with this question in a very personal way, via the most urbane of settings: the dinner party and its clash of personalities,” says the review. Yes, very personal.

The review even mentions Mr. Denton’s boyfriend. “Derrence Washington embodies all the potentials Senexate has to offer, as the lone brash American who likes money and fast cars.” The Senexate is, apparently, the soma-like (remember Brave New World from high school?) drug that enables the characters to stay forever young and gives the play a plot.

Mr. Denton was so enthusiastic about the play that he hosted a cast party at his Soho home last Friday. Now that’s commitment to the theatre!

Is this the future?