Oscar Muñoz Video Coming to the High Line

Oscar Muñoz, “Re/trato.” (Courtesy lannan.org)

High Line Art announced today that it will present Re/trato, a 2003 video work by Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz. The video will be screened at High Line Channel 22, the park’s outdoor screening area at West 22nd Street.

The piece depicts Mr. Muñoz painting a self-portrait on a sidewalk with water and a brush.

“This is one of the most poignant works by Oscar Muñoz and it is particularly touching to see it installed in a public space,” said Cecilia Alemani, the Donald R. Mullen Jr. Curator & Director of High Line Art, in a statement. “Watching Re/trato in this setting, it acts as a constant reminder of the challenges that we all face when trying to capture an image and the idea that nothing lasts forever.”

The video will projected on the side of a building just to the east of the High Line between Oct. 25 and Dec. 12.

Oscar Muñoz Video Coming to the High Line