Picasso Painting Found Underneath Picasso Painting

‘Woman Ironing’ by Picasso. (Courtesy Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, via The New York Times)

Carol Vogel has a thriller of a piece in The Times about a Picasso painting being found by conservators at the Guggenheim beneath, of all things, another Picasso painting.

Alley-oop, Ms. Vogel:

“For years conservators and art historians have known that hidden beneath the surface of “Woman Ironing,” long considered an example of his Blue Period, is the upside-down ghost of another painting — a three-quarter-length portrait of a man with a mustache that was first seen in images taken with an infrared camera in 1989. But the big questions — who the man was, and even whether it was Picasso who painted him — have remained unanswered.”

What is the fate of this mystery? Read all about it here.

Picasso Painting Found Underneath Picasso Painting