Picasso Play to Get Dramatic Reading at Guggenheim

Cover of ‘Desire Caught by the Tail.’ (The Philosophical Library Inc., 1948.)

Tart, Big Foot and Fat and Skinny Anguish are some of the characters that people Pablo Picasso’s play Desire Caught by the Tail, an odd little plotless number written by the painter in 1941 that, according to The New York Times, will be given a fresh dramatic reading at the Guggenheim. The play will be read on Oct. 14 and 15 in conjunction with the exhibition “Picasso: Black and White,” which opens on Oct. 5.

From the story:

The play was first presented at a reading in 1944 with an all-star Left Bank existentialist cast: Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre and Raymond Queneau, among others of Picasso’s circle, with Albert Camus directing. The new cast won’t be quite as historically resonant but it will bring together an unlikely crew of bold-faced names under the direction of Anne Bogart: the playwright John Guare; the artists Guillermo Kuitca and Joan Jonas; Diana Picasso, a granddaughter of the artist.

When else will you get to see Richard Armstrong, the museum’s director, reading the role of Silence?

Picasso Play to Get Dramatic Reading at Guggenheim