Predditors, the Controversial Blog Publishing Personal Info About Redditors Behind Creepshots, is Back up and Running

Reddit will be overjoyed.

(Screengrab: Predditors)

Predditors, the Tumblr that posts the personal information of Reddit users who publish photos to the controversial subreddit Creepshots, is back up and running after a tumultuous few days. The blog was initially removed by Tumblr after administrators there mistakenly believed that the information being published was personal information. In fact, the author of Predditors is simply stringing together information available on public profiles posted by the users.

But once Tumblr put Predditors back up, its author panicked–perhaps because of the scale of the story the blog had ignited, coupled with lingering fears that she could be outed. First it was password protected, then it was taken down. Now, is back up, but the URL redirects to the original Jezebel coverage. The author appears to have individually re-uploaded each post to the Tumblr this morning.

Predditors came to prominence when Jezebel published a feature about the blog and its author, a 25-year-old female Redditor who goes by the name “Samantha.” It has been at the focal point of a war between Gawker Media and Reddit, stoked by Adrian Chen’s piece outing notorious Redditor Violentacrez, who was a moderator for Creepshots.