Reddit CEO in Memo Leaked to Gawker: ‘We are Not Going to Ban Distasteful Subreddits’

Creepshots is here to stay

As the story of notorious Reddit user Violentacrez and the controversial subreddits he moderated sinks its tentacles into the greater Internet, Reddit administrators–known for their laissez-faire attitude towards site moderation–have remained astonishingly mum. In conversations with Betabeat, Reddit general manager Erik Martin gave little indication as to how Reddit intends to handle the Violentacrez and Creepshots fracas, except to admit that two of the subreddits had been banned by admins.

But a thread published by Reddit CEO Yishan Wong, posted to a private subreddit for moderators and obtained by Gawker, sheds some light on Reddit’s intentions towards the controversial content on its platform:
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