Renwick Gallery Will Move to L.E.S., Change Name to Leslie Fritz

44 Hester Street. (Courtesy Google)

Renwick Gallery, named for the small street near the West Side Highway where it’s located, just above Canal Street, will be moving to a new space on the Lower East Side at 44 Hester Street. Renovations on the space will begin next week. The gallery plans to reopen in mid-November with a new name–Leslie Fritz, after the owner–roughly on schedule with the planned solo show of work by Caitlin Keogh.

“All of our colleagues and friends and peers are there,” Ms. Fritz said in a phone interview. “It just makes sense. And I think everyone is showing such major commitment to the neighborhood. They’re expanding.”

Many new galleries have announced moves in recent weeks to the Lower East Side, including Jack Hanley, currently one of Ms. Fritz’s few gallery neighbors.

“It’s the only alternative to Chelsea,” Ms. Fritz said, “but more than that, it’s an important place to show work.”