Shhhh! We’re Gentrifying Here: Mapping the City’s 311 Complaints

Hey New York, what are you complaining about? If you answered noise, well then congratulations Daddy Warbucks because according to this nifty new art map by Dietmar Offenhuber, based off of two years of the cities 311 complaints, you either live in Manhattan or are making headway into the fancy side of Brooklyn—shutting down all the block parties.  It’s an incursion that I would probably stop to complain about if I weren’t so focused on all this litter and graffiti right now.

Because the secret is out Ye Ole’ Brooklyn, if you want to see more artesan cheese shops, locavore restaurants and nostalgically hip bars, just get your upper-crust on and ask everyone to keep it down.  But if you want to fight that tide—if you want to illegally park your cars at the end of the street and invite everybody outside to dance—then drop a few more pizza boxes on the curb, scrawl your name on the bus stop, and turn that stereo up.

Keep it loud, my friends! (but only until 10:00pm, please, because some of us are trying to get some sleep).

(h/t Atlantic Cities)