Slideshow: Sandy Floods the Streets With Traffic

Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn is worse than usual. (Brooklyn Spoke/Instagram)
Cars are queuing up to cross the Queensboro. (Joshua Norkin/Instagram)
And the Queensboro bike path is packed, too. (critmasspanic/Twitter)
Sixth Avenue appears to have returned to normal. (gelles/Instagram)
Traffic is backed up leading to the Brooklyn Bridge. (Aubrey Archangel/Twitter)
Plenty of foot traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge. (ryanmuir/Instagram)
Sam Sifton, The Times's national editor, had a miserable commute. (samsifton/Instagram)

We knew getting to work was going to be miserable today, but the gridlock is almost hard to fathom. It seems like people have given up wheels altogether in many spots and have just started walking.

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