Sotheby’s Moves Imp-Mod Evening Sale

A Picasso from the sale. (Courtesy Sotheby’s)

Sotheby’s has moved its big Impressionist and Modern art evening sale for the fall from Monday, Nov. 5 to Thursday, Nov. 8, out of consideration for those whose travel schedules may have been upset by Hurricane Sandy. 

The twice-annual New York auctions season, of course, showcases some of the best work that the houses have to sell, attracting bidders from around the world.

Full statement below:

In consideration of the significant travel delays into New York and the latest information available from city and state officials, Sotheby’s has briefly postponed its Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale, previously scheduled for Monday 5 November, until Thursday 8 November at 7 pm. This revised timeline will give our clients and international staff greater flexibility to view the exhibition and participate in the auction. Our exhibition will open tomorrow morning at 10 am, as scheduled.

All other auctions for next week – Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale (7 November) and 19th Century European Art (8 November) – remain as scheduled.  Sotheby’s Contemporary Art exhibitions will also open as scheduled, on Friday 9 November.

Sotheby’s Moves Imp-Mod Evening Sale