Stephen Colbert’s Take on Cuomo’s Pot Initiative: ‘Governor Magorium’s Ganja Emporium’


The Colbert Report devoted one of its segments to Albany politics last night, complete with a particularly amusing image of Governor Andrew Cuomo with a The Cat in the Hat-style hat on. The topic? Mr. Cuomo pushing the State Legislature to combine any pay raise for themselves with several other policies he would like to be passed. However, Stephen Colbert, as he is wont to do, focused solely on the Cuomo-backed legislation reducing the penalty for having less than 25 grams of marijuana to a violation.

Mr. Cuomo’s counterpart, Jon Stewart at The Daily Show, previously addressed this particular piece of legislation when Majority Leader Dean Skelos declared, “Being able to just walk around with 10 joints in each ear and it only be a violation, I think that’s wrong.”

Watch below: