Tech Homecoming Forces New York’s Tech Community to Relive High School Traumas

Old wounds were pried open this morning with the announcement of Tech Homecoming, an event sponsored by the likes of Bing and Sailthru that promises to immediately launch members of New York’s tech community into a painful round of high school reminiscences.

The event includes everything that made you long for sweet, sweet escape to college the first time around: a most popular contest, something called “football” and an awkward dance where hopefully Mayor Bloomberg will be on hand as chaperone, to chastise you for “bump and grinding.”

We look forward to dodging the mandatory pep rally in favor of dicking around in the debate office, right next to the computer lab full of engineers who were conspicuously absent from the list of honorees, probably because they were too busy–pardon the expression–fucking shipping.

Because, in all seriousness, for an industry compromised of people who try their damndest to avoid conventional wisdom, putting everyone in little boxes (literally!) feels the opposite of disruptive. There’s a reason we said tech needs to get uncool again.
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