The Canyons Trailer—With James Deen and Lindsay Lohan—Released [Watch]

Bret Easton Ellis’s new film, The Canyons, may just provide a little something for everyone involved: a sidestep away from porn for soft-core superstar James Deen, a reinvention–and paying work–for Lindsay Lohan, and a platform for Mr. Ellis to promulgate his idea about “post-Empire” culture, famously put forth in a Newsweek article and his Twitter feed. Post-Empire culture, which Mr. Ellis once described in part as “pure transparency,” looks a lot like the sunlit California splatter films Quentin Tarantino lovingly lampoons! Perhaps it’ll catch on–certainly Lindsay Lohan, having recently asked Barack Obama to cut her taxes as she’s not a millionaire despite public perception, is an avatar of transparency.

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