Thousands of Muslims Protest Anti-Muslim Film Outside Google’s London H.Q.

Innocence of Muslims has been blocked in mostly Muslim countries, where it is illegal.

innocence Thousands of Muslims Protest Anti Muslim Film Outside Googles London H.Q.

Still from a trailer for Innocence of Muslims

Muslims protested at Google headquarters in London on Sunday, expressing outrage over the search giant’s refusal to remove Innocence of Muslims from YouTube.

One of the men behind the event, Masoud Alam, told the Telegraph that there will be more protests “at the offices of Google and YouTube across the world.” Muslims wish to ban the film, said Mr. Alam, because it is an “insult of the Prophet.”

Some in attendance on Sunday said they want to expand their protests:

Sheikh Siddiqui, a barrister from Nuneaton, said he wanted to form a coalition with the Church of England, Catholics, Jewish groups, Trade Unions and even Conservatives to encourage their ranks to join his “campaign for civility”.

“We want everyone in society to recognise these people are wrecking our fragile global society. We want the Church, the Synod, Jewish groups and establishment figures involved,” he said.

The Telegraph quoted a YouTube spokesperson, who admitted that the company’s efforts to “create a community everyone can enjoy” is challenging, “because what’s OK in one country can be offensive elsewhere.”

Google and YouTube are holding fast to what they see as a free-speech issue and has clearly stated that they will not remove or block the video in any country where it is considered protected speech.

Muslims have apparently protests online as well. Muslim Cyber Fighters continued a fourth week of well-organized denial of service attacks on American financial institutions last week, taking the websites of Regions, Capital One and SunTrust banks offline for several hours a day.