To Do Monday: An Unbreakable Bond

‘Skyfall’ star Daniel Craig (Getty Images)

We’re not ready to throw in the towel on the moviegoing just yet, but we’ll admit we’re ready for a break from the heavier fare. Today we’re dropping by the Museum of Modern Art for a Bond double-header, with screenings of Diamonds Are Forever (Sean Connery, kind of campy, Jill St. John as the girl, Shirley Bassey sang the song) and Live and Let Die (Roger Moore, crazy campy, Jane Seymour as the girl, Wings sang the song). In addition to being quite generous in what they’re defining as “modern art,” this is some sort of cross-promotion for the next in line, Skyfall (Daniel Craig, super-grave, Naomie Harris as the girl, Adele—reportedly!—singing the song).

Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53rd Street, tickets and information can be found at