To Do: Spooky Sunday

Padma Lakshmi (Getty Images)

Back on Wednesday, we were raising money to try to elevate our daughters’ self-esteem, but today we’ve stumbled upon a simpler method: march them down a red carpet! Nothing makes one feel more important than being the center of attention, the focal point of clicks and flashes, if even only for a moment. That’s why we’re dragging young Bitsy to the Keep a Child Alive Dream Halloween gala, hosted by Padma Lakshmi. The cookbook author/TV host (herself a fairly new city mom—do you think she reads the same blogs we do?) is fund-raising for families stricken by HIV in Africa and India. Sure beats trick-or-treating—where not a single press photographer will capture our little one’s charming costume!

Hard Rock Cafe Times Square, 1501 Broadway, 1pm, tickets and information can be found at