To Do Tuesday: Garrison, New York

Garrison Keillor (Getty Images)

NPR’s most venerable personage—in a post-Click-and-Clack era—is Prairie Homeboy Garrison Keillor, and he’s celebrating turning 70 with a concert at the New York Philharmonic. He’s not just sitting in the box: Mr. Keillor is narrating an orchestral performance with love sonnets and something called “Hot Bananas Poetry and Piano Ping-Pong.” The evening concludes with an improvisational piece featuring orchestra, singers and, per Mr. Keillor, “images and musical themes in the mind of a person of a certain age.” Richard Dworsky, the music director of A Prairie Home Companion, accompanies on piano and, we hope, will lend a bit of structure to all the improv!

New York Philharmonic, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, 7:30pm, tickets and information can be found at