To Do Wednesday: Franco-Philia

James Franco (Getty Images)

James Franco—whom we haven’t seen in a big-budget movie since last year’s Planet of the Apes, though he remains rather visible in spite of the studio hiatus—has been whirring away in his own fashion, shooting a 40-minute film inspired by Wlliam Friedkin’s 1980 psychological thriller Cruising, starring a young Al Pacino as an undercover officer investigating serial murders in the underground world of gay S&M bars in New York. Mr. Franco’s take, shot by gay porn director Travis Mathews, supposedly fills in 40 minutes of graphic sex that were deleted from the original version to steer clear of an X rating. It is currently a part of a larger exhibit, “NEW NO DARK WAVE,” at CoSTUME NATIONAL, playing alongside works by Tobias Wong and Frédéric Beigbeder, among others. The exhibit closes today—just in time for us to catch it! (It’s either that or our well-worn Pineapple Express DVD to fulfill our Franco nostalgia!)

CoSTUME NATIONAL, 150 Greene Street, open 11am to 7pm.