To Do Wednesday: Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Emily Mortimer. (Getty Images)

We all know that unless you look like Lana Turner and have a fondness for drugstore sodas, breaking into the film industry—even behind the scenes—is tough. Some (sweater) girls really do have all the luck! But for those without matinee-idol looks, there’s Reel Works. Tonight’s bash is raising money to mentor and support high schoolers who hope to study film and be a part of the biz when they’re all grown up. Role models receiving honors at the fete include Emily Mortimer of the now-on-hiatus The Newsroom and Tinseltown’s utility player Jeffrey Wright, next to be seen in the Hunger Games sequel. They will be joined by one lucky teen who’ll win a filmmaking award, in what is hopefully his or her dress rehearsal for winning an Oscar—it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Edison Ballroom, 240 West 47th Street, 6:30pm, tickets and information can be found at