Tonight, the Morgan Library Toasts Oktoberfest, Munich Drawings Show

A large helping of spätzle. (Courtesy luca.candini/Flickr)

A Friday evening at the Morgan Library and Museum is one of New York’s great pleasures. Admission is free after 7 p.m., there’s usually a classical-music ensemble playing in the Renzo Piano–designed space and the Morgan Café is open late. Also, the café serves this drink called the Three Martini Lunch, which is, yes, three two-ounce martinis, each with a different garnish—an onion, a twist and an olive. (“In a Hemingway unpublished ten-page draft, an expatriate’s distractions are alleviated only by a three-martini lunch,” the menu explains.)

Anyway! This Friday evening is looking like a very special one over there. In honor of Oktoberfest and the museum’s “Dürer to de Kooning: 100 Master Drawings from Munich” show of works on loan from that city’s Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, a German band called Zum Biergarten will perform, a curator will give a tour of the show, and the café will serve up a special prix-fixe menu of German beer and food for $25. The menu includes bratwurst, potato pancakes, spätzle and a bunch of other tasty sounding things. Details are available here.