The Top 10 Halloween Lists That You Haven’t Seen Yet

Age-appropriate? (Flickr via Machine Project)

– Are These Dogs Dressed Too Slutty?

– Slideshow: People Who Don’t Wear Costumes on Halloween Because They Are Adults

– Friend or Furry? Five Ways to Tell If Your Buddy Wears That Dolphin Costume Year-Round

– Dos and Don’ts for Going as Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist This Halloween

– Best Of: Costumes That Don’t Involve Memes, Pop Culture icons, or a “Sexy” Version of a Regular Profession.

Maxim’s 20 Hottest Honey Boo Boos

– Looking Back: Steve Buscemi’s Best Halloween Ensembles

– DIY Costumes Based on a Franzen Character besides Patty.

– Spooky Spanxs

– The Haunted Houses of Newark, Delaware.