Toxic Shock: Kenny Schachter on the Final Two Episodes of Bravo’s ‘Gallery Girls’

Seeking a professional opinion on the Bravo reality series Gallery Girls, we asked the London-based art dealer, curator and writer Kenny Schachter to weigh in. Last time around we set him up for a GChat with a real, live Gallery Girl, and thought that would placate him; now it seems the toxicity of the program has spread out from our recap-writer and managed to disrupt the lives of the entire Schachter household. Mercifully, the show is over and we hope you will stay tuned for further musings on non-Gallery Girls-related subjects from Mr. Schachter, whose writing has appeared in books on architect Zaha Hadid, and artists Vito Acconci and Paul Thek, and who is a contributor to the British edition of GQ and Swiss money manager Marc Faber’s Gloom Boom & Doom Report.

My closest friends think I’m an asshole for investing so much time in these recaps, and I am beginning to believe it myself. Seven was my favorite number, until I suffered through the final two episodes, episodes seven and eight, of Gallery Girls (GG). My brief romance with the girls has come crashing back to earth. The affair has turned back into a marriage, a long and tortured one at that. Please, for the benefit of all—cast crew and audience—no second season, and if so, let it be someone else who reviews it.
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