Unsuspecting 5-Year-Old Girl Being Stealth Prepared for a Grueling Life of Coding

If you want your kid to be the next Marissa Mayer, you gotta start young.

 Unsuspecting 5 Year Old Girl Being Stealth Prepared for a Grueling Life of Coding

(Photo: Ben Northrop)

Garry Welding is a programmer with a blog who works as a contractor for an ecommerce company in the U.K. Garry Welding’s daughter is an unsuspecting, angelic five year old who would probably like to play legos but is instead being forced to learn how to code by her programmer father because “Hacker News will love it, honey!”

Mr. Welding published a post to his blog about how his daughter had shown a passing interest in his work. He decided to seize on this opportunity and set up a simple program so he could begin to teach her how to code. Before she could touch the computer he filled up her juicy cup with Mountain Dew and told her that if she didn’t ship something today she’d have to go back to being a test engineer (not really).

“We wrote a very simple script to make the robot draw a pyramid (apparently the initial script that gets loaded draws a square and that’s just too “boring”), and as expected there were one or two bugs introduced by my daughter miscounting or confusing left and right,” Mr. Welding wrote.

For her mistakes, Mr. Welding’s daughter must now be the primary on-call engineer for the next seven days, responsible for taking care of any bugs that arise during that time, even if they’re during her precious “naptime.”

It’s a tough life, kid. On the plus side, you’re gonna be riiiich!

(h/t Sam Biddle)