Watermill Center Hosts a Haunted Hayride, Courtesy Rachel Libeskind

Libeskind. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

The good folks at Paper have a profile of the artist Rachel Libeskind, daughter of Daniel Libeskind, the architect behind the new Ground Zero site downtown. Among other things, Ms. Libeskind is currently at work on a haunted hayride at the Watermill Center on Long Island. Remember those? We’ve pretty much deeply repressed them from our memory, aside from the hazy recollection of sitting on a tractor wagon at our ninth birthday party and being itchy and watching a man in a Leatherface mask holding a chainsaw and slowly gaining on us in a cornfield.

Ms. Libeskind’s hayride, a collaborative project with Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden and the Street Corner Society, is a little more highbrow. It’s called NightScapes and is based on the Eli Wiesel book Night. Read more about it here.