We May Never See a Munsters Remake on NBC

Portia de Rossi (Getty Images)

The Hollywood Reporter writes today that the much-anticipated game-changer for NBC–a reboot of fantastical sitcom The Munsters called Mockingbird Lane, starring Portia de Rossi as Lily (a vampire) and Jerry O’Connell as Herman (a Frankenstein’s monster of sorts), is in trouble–perhaps because viewers have to deal with a vampire and Frankenstein’s monster that are married. (The Munsters is a very weird show.)

“We wanted this to look like if Hitchcock was directing a Harry Potter film,” said creator Bryan Fuller of his long-delayed project (it was originally supposed to air this fall). While Mr. Fuller is denying any trouble with The Munsters, it’s worth noting that his other project for NBC–a Silence of the Lambs reboot called Hannibal, continues apace. We look forward to other NBC reboots, whatever property they may be rebooting (The Addams FamilyThe Larry Sanders Show? 2011 action film The Green Lantern?).

We May Never See a <em>Munsters</em> Remake on NBC