Welcome Home! Lucie Fontaine Turns Marianne Boesky Gallery Into a Humble Abode

Since the middle of August, the Upper East Side outpost of Marianne Boesky Gallery has been home to Nicola Trezzi, the U.S. editor at Flash Art, Alice Tomaselli, a young artist, and Elena Tavecchia, a curator who also manages Rudolf Stingel’s studio. Outside of their day jobs, the three identify themselves as  “employees” of Lucie Fontaine, a pseudonymous character created for the purpose of organizing curatorial projects and, if the Lucie Fontaine website is to be believed, cultivating “a concept of self-generated labor similar to the Master-Slave dialectic presented by Hegel in his masterpiece, The Phenomenology of Spirit.” They are all Italian, have apartments and lives of their own, and have been living inside of the townhouse gallery in makeshift bedrooms.
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