Anne Hathaway Tried to Write a Spy Movie for Sally Field, Anne Hathaway Reports

In the new Hollywood Reporter cover spread of actresses hoping for Oscar attention, Anne Hathaway attempts to pull focus from her fellow interviewees by revealing a hidden talent. In the guise of complimenting Sally Field and discussing how women can help one another succeed, Ms. Hathaway reveals that, well, it’s not a big deal or anything, but she also writes movies. After Amy Adams remarks upon how she hopes, someday, to produce, Ms. Hathaway one-ups her like so:

[directed at Sally Field] You don’t know this, but I tried to write a movie for you, about a spy. And I thought Sally would be amazing, because who would ever think she was a spy? I think women are starting to take more care of each other.

Sally the Spy and the Adventure of the Ruby Macaw has been stalled as Ms. Hathaway works on promoting her upcoming turn in Les Miserables rather than sitting with her typewriter. The actresses are all intent on helping one another, but Anne Hathaway knows charity begins at home.