As Goes the Nation, So Goes the Empire State Building’s Lights (Updated)

UPDATE: This is how the Empire State Building appeared last night after CNN called the election for Barack Obama (since 2000, the Democrats have traditionally been “blue”). 

CNN has announced via press release that they’ll be lighting the Empire State Building tonight to honor the winner of the Presidential election.

If the network calls Mitt Romney as the winner, the tower will blaze red; if President Obama is re-elected, blue will light the night. Until that point, the building will be lit in red, white, and blue stripes along its facade and half-red and half-blue atop its mast.

Given the closeness of this election, though, we may not see either light tonight; we just hope the winner is declared before November 13, so that CNN doesn’t step on the toes of the planned green, white, and red lights in honor of the Radio City Christmas show.