Assembly panel releases bill to aid veteran burial costs

The cost to bury a military veteran would be partially borne by the state under a bill released by the Assembly Military and Veterans Committee on Monday.

The bill, (A1898) was sponsored by Assembly representatives Matthew W. Milam and Valerie Vanieri Huttle

It was approved by committee vote 3-0.

“Serving their country fearlessly, making the ultimate sacrifice of their lives and time away from their families to protect the freedoms we enjoy, our veterans deserve all of the support we can give them,” said Milam. 

Under current law, if a war veteran dies without leaving means sufficient to cover funeral expenses, the veteran’s county of residence is responsible for burial up to a cost of $250. The bill would  up to $1,000 from the state for the burial or cremation of all indigent veterans, including those who did not serve at a time of war.  Under the bill’s provisions, the state would be required to cover burial and cremation costs above $250, but total costs would not exceed $1,250 for cremation or burial.

Assembly panel releases bill to aid veteran burial costs