Assemblyman Calls for Boycott of Marathon Sponsors if Race Isn’t Canceled

staten sandy getty Assemblyman Calls for Boycott of Marathon Sponsors if Race Isnt Canceled

Staten Island in a photograph taken yesterday. (Photo: Getty)

As city politicians at all levels of government slam Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to continue its plans for the New York City Marathon, an elected official in one of the hardest-hit communities is taking the fight to the next level. Assemblyman Lou Tobacco, representing the South Shore of Staten Island, has called for a nationwide boycott of the marathon’s sponsors if they do not push to end the race.

“I urge the sponsors to do the right thing and join me in calling for the postponement of the race,” Mr. Tobacco said in a statement. “If they fail to do what is right, I urge a nationwide boycott of their products. These sponsors have the power to stop this race, they need to do what is right.”

For the convenience of the nation, Mr. Tobacco provided a list of companies to potentially boycott: “ING, ASICS, United Airlines, Foot Locker, Nissan, the New York Times, Timex, Coors Light, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Poland Springs, Time Warner Cable and many others.”

“Loved ones have been lost; homes have been destroyed; lives need rebuilding,” he concluded. “Staten Island needs all the help and support it can receive, and I am hopeful people will come to their senses and do what is best for their neighbors. We need help, we need assistance and we need it now. The New York City Marathon can wait.”