Booting Up: Google Hires a Go-To Government Guy for Self-Driving Cars

 Booting Up: Google Hires a Go To Government Guy for Self Driving Cars

(Source: Steve Jurvetson via Wikipedia)

Ron Medford, the deputy director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration–and the man who was “instrumental in getting distracted driving recognized as a national safety concern”– is moving to Google to be Director of Safety for Self-Driving Cars. [Wired]

The CEO of Barnes and Noble doesn’t much read physical books any more. [Business Insider]

Yahoo is reportedly considering ponying up just $20 million for, which still gets something like  24 million monthly uniques. [AllThingsD]

Here’s a good reminder that even after the first wave of press coverage, entrepreneurship is still a long, hard slog. [Vinicius Vacanti]

Color is shutting down. Really, this time. [Business Insider]