Ben Huh of I Can Has Cheezburger on Work, Reality Television and Keeping a Straight Face

Ben Huh struck us as goofily affable when we met him at Bravo’s Top Chef Kitchen restaurant three weeks ago. Sitting at a table with a Post reporter and a friend from Mashable, the CEO of the I Can Has Cheezburger network (which includes, among other properties, Know Your Meme, FailBlog and The Daily What) had a self-aware cockiness in his voice when he claimed he invented the phrase “internet culture.” And though he was about to be rocketed into the world of Bravolebrities–the term Bravo applies to its various reality stars–he spent more time helping the table parse weird terminology than trying to sell himself.

We don’t remember how the conversation got started, but at one point someone asked if you could call Furries (those people who dress in plush animal outfits at conventions, frequently with sex in mind) “anthropomorphic.”

“No,” Mr. Huh responded firmly. “That’s when inanimate or inhuman objects take on human qualities.” This, the star of Bravo’s first attempt at a reality-sitcom told us, was “the opposite … humans that want to be animals.”

So what do we call them?

Animorphs?” the guy from Mashable suggested, referring to the teen book series popular in the late ’90s.

“Animorphism,” agreed Mr. Huh.
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