Beyoncé, Registered-Independent Lena Dunham Make Election Day a Fashion’s Day Out


Pop singer, style icon, and vocal Obama supporter Beyoncé, whose husband Jay-Z played a show in Ohio to support the President’s re-election bid yesterday, has posted an image of herself posing with her absentee ballot. Apparently Beyoncé still votes in Harris County, Texas, the county of her childhood home Houston; no word on whether she voted Ted Cruz for Senate, as she blocks the ballot with her hand (showcasing a set of Bachmann-worthy manicured talons and a giant amber-colored ring–are we sure she’s not in the GOP?).

Meanwhile, Lena Dunham of HBO’s Girls has spent Election Day encouraging her Twitter followers to send in their voting-day outfits: Ms. Dunham’s equipped with “sunglasses and a patriotic peacoat.” Ms. Dunham, who recently filmed an ad for Barack Obama, is according to New York State’s database of voters a registered independent, has been encouraging her fans to get dressed up for the polls–though when you’re Beyoncé, every day is an opportunity to dress up, even when you’re only walking as far as the mailbox.