Big Apple Idolatry: ScarJo’s New Man, R-Patz’s Twilight Shame, and Christina Aguilera’s New Nightmare Fuel

Christina Aguilera and YOUR NEW NIGHTMARE perform at the AMAs (YouTube)

– Let’s guess who Scarlett Johansson’s new boyfriend is! She was holding hands with him at the Beatrice Inn, and the beau has been described as “dark-haired and slightly taller than her but skinny.” He also “may have been speaking French at one point.”

– It was probably only a matter of time till this happened, but here is MC Hammer and PSY performing a Gangnam Style mashup at the American Music Awards.

– Of course, the real super-insanity of the AMAs came courtesy of Christina Aguilera’s Lady Gaga/Harmony Korine-inspired nightmare medley.

– Lindsay Lohan is furious that her dad fathered a secret half-sister that she never knew about. Of course, she wants nothing to do with her new sibling, because she already has to deal with that usurper Ali trying to make a claim to the Iron Throne.

– How much does Robert Pattinson hate Twilight? So much. (But probably not as much as he hates the fact that Kristen Stewart signed up for a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman.)