Booting Up: ‘So Snobby We’re Above Snobbery’ Edition

 Booting Up: So Snobby Were Above Snobbery Edition

The morning after the first snow. (Photo: Flickr/tomasfano)

The CEO’s of AppNexus and LocalResponse we’re always besties. [PandoDaily]

Alexia Tsotsis breaks down what exactly rubs Valley-ites so wrong about Start-Ups: Silicon Valley: “We’re so snobby we’re above snobbery.” [TechCrunch]

Who convinced President Obama to convene with the forever alones on Reddit? His crack team of data crunchers, of course. [Time]

Even a superstorm can’t break the internet. [AllThingsD]

We didn’t see the Fail Whale once during election night, even as tweets poured by. Twitter VP of infrastructure ops Mazen Rawashdeh credits the company’s stellar performance with its backend overhaul from Ruby to Java. [Twitter Blog]