Booting Up: The Ultimate In Case of Emergency Kit

screen shot 2012 11 01 at 8 47 10 am1 Booting Up: The Ultimate In Case of Emergency Kit

(Photo: Twitter/MarissaMayer)

High-tech gadget aficionados at Wirecutter have put together an Amazon-ready emergency kit “for this one or the next” [The Wirecutter]

Author S. Mitra Kalita mounts a defensive for still using a Blackberry and hopes Apple is taking note. The “biggest reason” she rides for RIM? Long nails. “Picture antlers splayed over the iPhone virtual keyboard. . .” [Quartz]

Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler gave an illuminating talk about the platform’s impact on artists and creative industries at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the video is online. Sweater game tight. []

Former Yahoo! CEO Ross Levinsohn doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings about being pushed out: “I felt like it was right for [Marissa Mayer] to have a clean slate going forward.” [Bloomberg]

Speaking of Ms. Mayer: Her son has a name (Macallister) and a Halloween costume (red pepper), which he showed off on visit to the company’s YaBoo party for kids [People]