Businessweek Cover Gives a Glimpse of the Future For President-elect Barack Obama

The cover of the new issue of Bloomberg Businessweek offers a terrifying glimpse of what photoshop can do to illustrate how the presidency can do to the appearence. And it’s not pretty.

In 2016, Barack Obama will have more wrinkles, more grey hair and what appears to be larger ears (or maybe they are just floppier?), according to the Businessweek art department. And that’s just on the outside. On the inside, it may even be worse. Because the photoshop job is actually a metaphor for the difficulties that the president-elect faces.


“This issue of Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the road ahead for President Obama as he faces the fiscal cliff and crucial decisions for the future of the economy, business, and defense,” the magazine wrote. “The opposition remains considerable, and no matter how successful he is, the hardest job in the world will take its toll.”

So celebrate and be happy now, Mr. President. Because the rapid aging process is just beginning. Oh yeah, and all the other difficult challenges of running the country. But mostly the looks things.

Businessweek ran a similarly photoshopped cover of Mitt Romney that they had in reserve in case the election had turned out differently. The republican candidate may be disappointed that he didn’t win, but he can take solace in the fact that he won’t look like this in four years.

<em>Businessweek</em> Cover Gives a Glimpse of the Future For President-elect Barack Obama