‘Buyer’s Gilt’: Digital Luxury Site Selling Hermès Birkin Bags for Ungodly Amount of Money

If you have a spare $60,000 to spend this holiday season.(Gilt.com)

Gilt Groupe wants you to treat yourself this holiday season. Why bother with Black Friday when you can experience the sensation of being beaten and robbed from the comfort of your own home? Which is ostensibly what you will feel after dropping $59,500 on a vintage Hermès Birkin handbag, in the flash sample sale that will end on Thanksgiving.

It’s not as if you should be surprised … after all, Gilt Groupe’s luxury brand has been known to dabble in Jaguar cars that haven’t even yet been released to the public for $155,875. They also offer vacation homes and travel packages that cost well beyond the price tag of the bags.

THAT BEING SAID: There is nothing currently listed in Gilt’s clothing/accessories department that even comes close to the $59,500 range of that 30cm Bougainvillier Shiny Nilo Crocodile Birkin, which, by the way, is already reserved. So even if you wanted a jaw-droppingly expensive handbag, you couldn’t get it.

And even more distressing is the fact that these bags are a steal … on eBay, a slightly larger version of the Bougainvillier has a starting bid of $74,999, and at a 2010 Christie’s auction, smaller versions went for $59,316. Take inflation into consideration, and you actually have a steal!

It’s enough to make a gal think she’s actually getting bang for her buck … provided her buck has a very large checking account and is overly doting.