Chris Murphy Wins Connecticut Senate Race

Chris Murphy (Photo: Facebook)

Democrat Chris Murphy has defeated Republican Linda McMahon in the race to replace retiring Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, according to the Associated Press. Ms. McMahon, a former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, spent over $40 million on the race. Mr. Murphy currently represents Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District. He was elected in 2006.

Though Mr. Murphy was endorsed by President Barack Obama, Ms. McMahon also attempted to take advantage of the president’s popularity in Connecticut. In the final days of the campaign, she distributed materials linking her to the president and touting her presence on the Independent Party line, which she had in addition to the GOP nomination.

Ms. McMahon previously ran for Senate and lost in 2010. She spent nearly $50 million, much of it her own, on that race.

President Obama has also, unsurprisingly, been declared victorious in Connecticut, which is a staunchly blue state.