DNAinfo Editor Slams The Daily News

Leela De Kretser, the Editorial Director and Publisher at local news site DNAinfo, took to Facebook to publicly air her grievances against The Daily News.

“Let’s play guess the news organization,” she posted on her non-private Facebook page. “Two married journalists each call into their desks to say the [sic] are stuck in Chicago.” Ms. De Krester works for DNAinfo. Her husband, Janon Fisher, is a courts reporter at The Daily News. Mr. Fisher is tagged in the post and commented on it.

Not to ruin the fun of guessing, but our money is on The Daily News.

Ms. De Kretser goes on to complain that one member of this married journalist couple got updates from an editor and the editor offered to send someone to check on the stranded couple’s place, conveniently located in the flood zone. The other, less fortunate member of the couple was asked about arraignments court and to call Bill De Blasio. Reporting? During the storm? What a demanding editor!

And we don’t know what either member of the couple’s relationships are like with their respective editors, but it didn’t even occur to us to get offended that none of our editors offered to check on our apartment during the ‘cane.

Ms. De Krester pointed out that the editor was expecting all this reporting even though “his news organization has no email or remote filing system and barely produced a pamphlet for one of the worst storms in nyc history,” she wrote. “Newspapers with shitty editors should go out of business.”

In reality, The Daily News killed it on hurricane coverage–despite flooding, evacuating and losing power down at News HQ during the storm. But still, the editor could have at least offered to check on the apartment. I mean, what else is an editor for?

Let’s play our own guessing game. Guess which spouse is going to feel really, really awkward at The Daily News holiday party?

DNAinfo Editor Slams <em>The Daily News</em>