Evening Read: ‘I Don’t Mind Joining the Circus’

The National Guard arrives in Coney Island. (Photo: @AlecBrookKrasny)

The National Guard has been deployed in areas submerged during Hurricane Sandy. Here’s a photo of Governor Andrew Cuomo helping out.

Capital New York profiled the tragic situations in Breezy Point and Staten Island.

Although it’s the last thing from everybody’s minds in the ravaged areas, the damage to Breezy Point, a conservative bastion, could affect an exciting local senate race where Democrat Joe Addabbo is running for reelection. In two other notable reelection bids in the city, Republicans Rep. Michael Grimm and State Senator Marty Golden are both looking at districts where the most battered parts are also among the most reliably conservative. It’s unclear if their races are close enough where this could matter next Tuesday.

Far Rockaway Councilman James Sanders, who will soon be a state senator representing a hard-hit district near Mr. Addabbo’s current one, didn’t mince words to describe the Long Island Power Authority. In a Facebook post, he wrote, “LIPA IS SHAMELESS IN THEIR FAILURE TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE OF FAR ROCKAWAY. THEIR FOUR DAY PROMISE WASN’T WORTH THE INK ON THE PIECE OF PAPER THEY WROTE IT ON!”

“UGH,” prominent GOP businessman John Catsimatidis, a supporter of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said of the mayor’s presidential endorsement.  “I think Seasoned executives should NOT PANIC on one Occurrence…It’s not Indicative of any Long term Trends.”

Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein on Mr. Bloomberg’s endorsement:

“1. Bloomberg’s endorsement is one of the most fascinating and strategically designed endorsements I’ve seen.

2. By endorsing this close to the election, he’s trying to impose a real cost on the Republican Party for climate denialism.

3. By attacking Obama and praising the old Romney in his op-ed, he’s buttressing his role as an arbiter of the center.

4. And then he’s spending that credibility to make “acting to stop climate change” a centrist issue.

5. Bloomberg’s not endorsing Obama so much as he’s trying to reset the incentives on climate change. It’s a huge play.

6. And by tying the endorsement to Sandy, Bloomberg is trying to cement the idea that Sandy=climate change

The centrist agenda, as defined by Bloomberg: all Bush tax cuts expire, act on climate change, pro gun control, pro choice, pro gay marriage.”

A leaked NRCC memo cites New York Rep. Chris Gibson as among the top ten GOP congressmen nationwide who need additional resources in their race. “This is just the latest indication that the momentum for the New York 19th Congressional seat is shifting away from Congressman Gibson and towards Julian,” the campaign manager of Mr. Gibson’s Democratic opponent, Julian Schreibman, said in a statement touting the report this evening.

The Jewish Press endorsed Assemblywoman Grace Meng‘s congressional campaign. The publication seemed to lament, however, that she “is not prepared to completely dismiss President Obama’s record on Israel.”

It turns out that visiting Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. in the hospital pays off, as longshot U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long received a counter-partisan endorsement from the maverick Democratic lawmaker. For his own reasons, Mr. Diaz urged voters to cast their ballots for her on a third party ballot line, saying, “We need to demonstrate that traditional family values still matter and voters should vote for Wendy on the Conservative line.”

“I don’t mind joining the circus, as long as I can put an end to it,” Democratic State Senate candidate Simcha Felder said of Albany in an extended interview, which you can view below. He still won’t say which party he’ll caucus with if elected, but most expect it to be the Republicans:

Evening Read: ‘I Don’t Mind Joining the Circus’