Flavorwire Catalogs New York’s Most Important Live Authors

(Photo: Flavorwire)

Flavorwire posted a list of New York’s 100 most important living writers, in slideshow form. And it generated no Twitter grumbling, sarcastic remarks and general Internet complaints at all.

Just kidding. The list debuted to the predictable click-bait bonanza of disbelief and Schadenfreude

In case you didn’t manage to get through all 100 slides (our hand is still tired from all that clicking), well, just go into any Brooklyn bookstore (even the chains will do) and check out the staff picks. Or go to a book party and see who shows up, clutching a tote bag, plastic cup of wine in hand.

Because really, there is a not-at-all shockingly remarkable overlap between the authors one sees at book parties, and the authors that have been deemed both “important” and “living.”

The list, which is, you know, 100 writers long, holds few no surprises as it spans decades of living New York writers–from Joan Didion to Gay Talese, Jay McInerney to Martin Amis, Emily Gould to Lena Dunham, Jonathan Safran Foer to Jonathan Lethem to Jonathan Franzen.

But everyone loves lists, right? Especially inclusive ones.

Flavorwire Catalogs New York’s Most Important Live Authors